I get a lot of questions on where I source my stuff and people I go to for advice so I thought I’d list all my favourite resources here for you. I’ve used pretty much everything on this page personally and I’ll keep adding to it or updating things up as the industry changes.

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Shure Beta 87A Professional Vocal Microphone Bundle with Boom Stand and 20-Foot XLR Cable – This is the BEST vocal mic I’ve found for sultry voices. It picks up the mid tones in your voice and makes you sound so clear and resonant. Hands down, my #1 recommendation.

Shure SM58S Vocal Microphone (with On Off Switch) – This is the industry standard microphone for performance and a great starting point for your first professional mic.

Rode K2 Tube Vocal Microphone – Is the condenser microphone that I use to record the audio for my YouTube videos, demos and other recording projects. Its a decent price and the sound quality is excellent. I find that because it is a tube mic, you get a nice smooth sound.

Music Home Studio Recording Software

Steinberg Cubase Pro 8 Retail – Is a professional level software package that will do everything you need it to.

Ableton Live 9 Intro – For recording and also playing samples during live performance (its awesome). At just $99 for the intro version its a bargain.

Avid Pro Tools 11 with FREE Fast Track Solo Recording Software and USB Interface – Another awesome pro level software package for recording that does everything. Some people say they prefer Pro Tools over Cubase and vice versa. I use Cubase personally but I know producers that use both.

Ear Training

The Relative Pitch Ear Training Course – Every singer needs to develop her hearing and the Relative Pitch Ear Training Course is hands down, the fastest (and easiest) way to get your ears working for you. Ear training is crucial for singing in tune and for singing more difficult songs as you progress. I have personally used this course and it really does work.

Ear Trainer – A cheap, simple app that also works well.

Music Notation Software

Sibelius 7.5 – Is what I personally use to create all of my sheet music and vocal charts for performing. Its powerful, fast and easy to use. You can easily transpose your music into any key for yourself and different instruments to perform.


WordPress – Build your very own website with WordPress. In my book, this is the best platform you can use. It’s FREE and with heaps of flexibility so you can theme it however you want, add a bunch of plugins to display upcoming shows etc…

Media Temple – (hosting) I personally use Media Temple to host my websites. It’s easy-peasy to use, has one-click installations for programs like WordPress, you can buy your domain name from them and keep it all in one spot and they have excellent customer support… and it’s cheap.

Active Campaign – Email marketing software. Its super sophisticated and way cheaper than most of the other providers on the market. I use it and I love it!

LeadPages – The best platform for great looking email boxes, shop fronts, landing pages and more.

Wishlist Member – A super reliable and functional membership plugin that is easy to use, doesn’t kill your site and has all the functionality you’d ever need.

Singing Training

The Singer’s Secret Academy – An 8 week online singing training program designed to transform your voice and prepare you for the world of professional singing. Perfect for jazz, blues & folk singers (and also non-pop styles of singing i.e country, soul etc)

Informative Music Websites/ Podcasts

Ari’s Take –  Ari has a heap of really great information on his site about working as a professional musician.

CD Baby DIY Musician – Has heaps of really decent articles on music marketing. I guest post for these guys regularly!

Don’t Keep Your Day Job (By Cathy Heller) – I really like this one. Its for all creatives, not just musicians but the guest speakers are really helpful.

Online Marketing Made Easy (By Amy Porterfield) – Amy has some really valuable marketing how-to info for beginners. She’s really easy to listen to and gives you lots of free downloads to use.

Creative Live My go-to resource for learning skills on how to do photography, Ableton Live and other creative things I need to learn how to do.


Selling Your Music Online

I love CD Baby. There are quite a few distributors operating in this market but I personally use CD Baby and I like their service so they get my tick of approval.

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