Just you, the mic and a glaring spotlight…

It can be lonely up there on stage if its just you, by yourself without any backing dancers, band or razzle dazzle to keep you company. More importantly, the job of entertaining the audience and keeping them engaged for the full set lands solely on your shoulders.

So, apart from setting pianos alight or prancing around in your underwear (I’m talking to you Lady Gaga – love her btw), how do you go about captivating your audience all by your lonesome?

Watch today’s video and find out!

Nicola xx

Practice Tip

If you’re singing a cover song, pick one you’re thinking of performing live. Write down:

  1. How you discovered that tune
  2. What the tune means to you

These two questions will help you to generate stories you can use on stage.

If you’re singing an original song, write down:

  1. What the song means to you
  2. Why you wrote it


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