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Professional jazz singer & songwriter, Nicola Milan


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My flagship 6 week intensive singing training course for beginners.

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Vital Scales

Master the 10 most commonly used scales in music. Suits both male and female ranges.

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Nicola Milan

Hi! I’m Nicola Milan.

I’ve been working as a professional jazz singer, songwriter and vocal coach for over 11 years and teaching others how to sing has been one of the most rewarding and enjoyable parts of my journey.

I’ve helped hundreds of students to develop their voice and learn to sing songs with confidence and polish, through my easy to follow Singing Academy for beginners, and jazz singing courses for intermediate and advanced singers.

Learning how to sing is fun and easy with the right tuition and because I focus specifically on jazz and blues, you can be rest assured that I will help you to achieve a sexy, sultry and soulful sounding voice and learn the technique that is unique to these genres.

– Nicola Milan.

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