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Build a sexy, sultry, soulful voice.

An intensive 6 week online singing course for beginner jazz and blues singers.


  • Understand how your voice works, and how to get it to do what you want
  • Remove tension so you can sing freely through your registers
  • Develop vocal strength and flexibility to deliver songs with emotion
Singing Academy - Nicola Milan


Nicola’s Singing Academy has been the answer to a prayer. I’ve learnt so much about my voice and placing. I can now listen to my favourite singers with a different ear and know how they are producing their sound. Nicola is helpful, personable and adds the right amount of humour to the course to make it fun as well as informative.

Donna Rae Wells

Country and Gospel Singer

Forget the need of a local teacher or a performance school if you are ready to become a singer. This intensive online course at Nicola Milan’s Singing Academy has offered me more information than I could ever get in six months of academic learning.

Besides Nicola seems to live music 24/7 and that makes a course that goes beyond singing and gives you tools to become a real performer.

Giuliano Laurenza

Singer/ Songwriter

Nicola is passionate about helping people get where they want to go in singing. Whether you want to join a band, sing at open mic nights or become a professional singer, her knowledge, commitment and drive to have her students succeed will get you there.

Margaret Smith


Nicola Milan

Hi! I’m Nicola Milan.

I’ve been working as a professional jazz singer, songwriter and vocal coach for over 11 years and teaching others how to sing has been one of the most rewarding and enjoyable parts of my journey.

I’ve helped hundreds of students to develop their voice and learn to sing songs with confidence and polish, through my easy to follow Singing Academy for beginners, and jazz singing courses for intermediate and advanced singers.

Learning how to sing is fun and easy with the right tuition and because I focus specifically on jazz and blues, you can be rest assured that I will help you to achieve a sexy, sultry and soulful sounding voice and learn the technique that is unique to these genres. 

– Nicola Milan.


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