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Nicola Milan

Hi! I’m Nicola Milan.

Have you always wanted to learn to sing? Do you LOVE jazz and blues?
Today I’ll show you three simple steps to building an incredible voice.
Did you know that common vocal problems like straining to get high notes, running out of breath, having obvious vocal breaks or cracks, and struggling with a lack of vocal strength are actually very common issues and REALLY EASY to fix, once you understand your instrument and know how it works?

If you find that vocal problems like this are standing in the way between where you are now, and achieving the singing voice you’ve always wanted, then today I’m going to share three simple steps to building an incredible voice.

I’m Nicola; a professional jazz singer/ songwriter and vocal coach and I’ve been teaching singers, just like you, to learn how to sing jazz and blues for over 12 years now.

Yes, learning the basics of singing are the same, no matter what musical style you like, but in the third step of today’s training, you’ll discover why there are certain techniques to learning jazz and blues that are different from learning other types of music, so if you love this style of music its best to start learning these techniques right from the start.

I love seeing students break through common vocal problems and free their voices so they can sing sultry and sassy songs so if you’re ready to dive in and sing along with me, then click the button below and I’ll beam you right over to the training.

Happy singing!

Nicola xx

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