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If you want to build the kind of voice that makes people shiver with delight, then you’re in the right place. 

Welcome to Singer’s Secret! I’m Nicola Milan and on my site  you’ll find heaps of singing tutorials and tips on develop your stage craft.

IMPORTANT! I specialise in jazz & blues 

This site is for singers who love: Jazz, Blues, Soul, MoTown, Gospel and other non-pop genres like Trip Hop, Folk and anything that requires a sexy, sultry vocal tone.

Jazz and blues singers are slightly different to singers of other genres. Sure the basics of learning to sing are all the same, but when it comes to jazz & blues, you need a little something extra.

To really become a jazz/blues singer you also need to learn to improvise (i,e mix up the melody and make it your own).

You’ll also need to learn jazz/blues-specific technique (i.e growls, slides and fall offs) that is synonymous with the genre…

…and most importantly, and you need to understand where you are in the music at all times (in otherwords, you need to really know your stuff!)

Jazz/blues singing really is at the pointy end of the singing spectrum. We are true musicians and if you can learn to sing jazz/blues, then you can sing anything!

Yes, if you sing a different genre then you absolutely can learn from me but I like to be upfront about the type of music I prefer to teach. If you’re into heavy rock or X-factor type pop, its best to find a teacher who specialises in that style. If you sing jazz, blues, folk, country, soul, gospel or alternative types of music like trip hop etc… then you’re in the right place!

Nicola Milan | Professional jazz singer, songwriter & vocal coach

I’ll teach you how to:

Build a gorgeous vocal tone
Improvise with confidence
Build musical theory & knowledge
Deliver songs with passion!

Why I Like To Help

I’ve been working as a professional singer since 2008 and I get to spend most of my time performing, songwriting and basically doing what I love.

Nothing makes me happier than getting to sing but I also LOVE to teach and Singer’s Secret is my way of sharing everything I’ve learned.

“I wasn’t born with an amazing voice, I really had to work at it.”

I know what it is like to struggle with confidence and wonder whether you are actually good enough to really pursue singing and say “Yes! I am a singer” or ‘Yes! I can sing” when people ask you.
I was not born with an amazing voice. I really had to work at it. I remember being in high school and being told to stand to one side of the Choir by the music teacher because my voice was too low for the soprano section (there was no alto section at the time). This left me feeling low in confidence and made me think I had a weird voice for many years afterwards. (ReadThe music teacher was obviously a dick.)
I tried so many vocal coaches and most of them were great singers, but couldn’t teach!
I also had clunky vocal breaks and my voice lacked power. I found it incredibly difficult to find a teacher who could tell me why my voice sounded the way it did and what I needed to do to improve it, but I loved singing so much that I joined a band anyway.
While I was singing in this band, I kept trying different teachers and out of the many that I went to for help, only TWO were effective in any way. I basically had to work out how to sing myself through trial and error.
The good thing about my journey however, was that I learned to identify how my voice actually worked and I became intimately aware of what each sound felt like when I produced it. I realised there isn’t a big secret to learning how to sing, you just need to know what’s going on inside your head while you’re doing it.

Becoming A Professional Singer

Fast forward eight years and I am now a professional singer with three studio albums of my own material, I have written songs for feature film and a web series. I have toured internationally have had my songs played on radio around the world and hit #1 on the jazz charts in the USA and I get booked regularly for major festivals, corporate bookings and shows.

It was a tough, long road but I finally got there I can’t tell you how much music has enriched my life and how fantastic it feels to be living and working as a singer.

Want to hear me sing? Here’s my latest single.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s start improving your voice right now!

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