One of the easiest ways to make a song ‘your own’ is to change a few melody notes here and there. While this is an essential skill for singers of some genres (I’m talking to you jazz and blues singers!) it is still a skill that you simply shouldn’t do without even if you sing pop.


Because noone wants to sing the exact same melody over and over… and over and over… (yawn) and over…. You really want to be able to mix it up and add your own vibe to things.

However many singers struggle to move from the original melody because of the fear of hitting a bum note and sounding awful. So, how do you change up the melody without hitting bum notes?

Watch today’s vid to find out!

Nicola x

Did you like this intro to improvisation?

Its a little more advanced that my other videos I know, so please let me know if this helped you and if you want me to do more vids on this topic and go deeper down the improvisation rabbit hole with you!




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