How to Come in On Pitch

Using pitch to make sure the very first note of your song sounds amazing!

The stage lights are dimmed. The audience has fallen silent and the band has just done an epic intro. People are waiting on the edge of their seats for your very first note…. You open your mouth and …… you missed your pitch and have to slide up to your note.


Seriously, the #1 way to make people fall in love with your voice is by singing perfectly on pitch. (No, we’re not talking about perfect pitch versus relative pitch – you can read more about that here), we’re talking about general pitch accuracy.

So in today’s video I have one sneaky little singing trick that you can use to come in exactly on pitch for that glorious first note, every single time. Its really simple but it works! Watch the video then have a go and try it for yourself.

Nicola x

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Nicola xx

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