Do You Have To Move To Make It In Music?



THEM: So, you wanna be a singer.

How BADLY do you want to be a singer?

Its a competitve industry.

Are you prepared to move cities to pursue your music?

YOU: ….. um….. yes I want to be a singer but do I reallllllly have to move? I like my home. Its snuggly and nice here. All my friends are here.

Please help!

I hear you my friend. This is the exact thing I struggled with a year ago. So today I’ll share my experience of living and working abroad as a singer in London. Yep, I moved to the other side of the world for my music and I’m going to dish out the positives and negatives of the move so that hopefully, you can make an informed decision as to whether you want to move cities/ countries for your music.

Nicola x

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