How to Find Your Unique Style of Singing


As singers, we all want to find out unique style of singing; that special ‘pizzazz’ that makes us stand out. And its so crucial to find our uniqueness because its only when you find what makes you, well, ‘you’ that you begin to feel comfortable with the voice you have, the style of music you sing and the type of singer you eventually become.

So how do you go about discovering your unique style of singing? That’s what’s we’ll cover in today’s video 🙂

Nicola x

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  1. Listen to a LOT of new music

Expand your musical horizons and listen to music that you don’t usually hear.

I get a lot of ideas by listening to Motown for example. No, I don’t sing this style but the way Motown singers phrase and slide their notes etc… is completely different to the way I sing. So when I want to refresh my style, I listen to new music.

It truly is the FASTEST way to improve your skills and its fun and easy to do!


2. Embrace your voice, flaws and all

When you first start out you might really dislike things about your voice and think of them as ‘flaws’. I used to hate that my voice was so warm and had no ‘cut through edge’ to it which meant I’d never be able to belt like Aretha Franklin can belt! However, I discovered that although my belt notes were not the strength of my voice, I did have really beautiful breathy notes that I could sing both low and high – which is something other singers don’t have.

The trick is to love your voice whatever stage its at, find ways of playing to your best strengths and what you may see as a flaw, your listeners may see as your ‘special quirky edge’.


3. Realise that it takes time, so enjoy the journey

Singing and music in general is a life long journey. The saying goes ‘the more you learn about music, the more you realise the less you know’. In otherwords, you can never, ever learn ‘it all’ when it comes to music because its such a massive topic.

So enjoy the journey! What you start off singing now may be completely different to how you end up singing in a year, or five or ten! I started off in classical and now I sing jazz-pop.


Did you like this video?

Let me know what you like the BEST about your voice right now in the comments below.

I’ll start: The best thing about my voice right now are my breathy soft high notes. They sound really pretty singing folk music and ballads.

Nicola x

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