So… have you thought about gigging yet?

Maybe yes, maybe no, maybe you’re already out there performing… but in any case, there will come a time when you need to learn how to promote your gigs so you can get bums on seats.

Yep, the arduous task usually falls in the lap of the singer. (sigh).

It’s annoying, but a necessary part of being a performer.

Until you have a massive fan base/ manager/ PR team and huge advertising budget to boot, you will need to do the leg work yourself, and that means HUSTLE.

Fortunately, I’ve got your back. To help you navigate the increasingly winding road of music promotion I’m going to take you through exactly what I do to promote my gigs.

I’ll give you a step-by-step list and of course, you can cut and paste it from my website and keep it for your own use.

Ready to get popular?

My website:
  1. Upload Gig to Songkick (pulls the shows to the gigs widget on my website/ tells ppl on the Songkick platform and Google)
  2. Add a banner to the home page of my website
  3. Create a blog post around the show (text and pics)
  4. Email newsletter out about the show to my list
  1. Create FB Event
  2. Create FB Ad promoting the show.
  3. Create FB posts for my music page (schedule them in advance to make it easier)
  1. Create Instagram picture to promote the show (or a flatlay of the posters)
  2. Take a photo of your outfit/ hair/ makeup for the show
  3. Do a quicky video of you singing to promote the show
Insta Stories:
  1. Boomerang – do a couple showing lyrics, or sheet music or your posters… be creative!
  2. Insta live of you talking about the show
  1. VLOG: Shopping for my outfit/ rehearsing with the band (or whatever – just vlog something!)
  1. Update your Twitter banner to promote the gig
  2. Schedule tweets x lots – w tix link and venues and tag media
Publicity/ Promo:
  1. Create A5 flyers: send to Venue
  2. Create A3 posters: get a street promo team to distribute them for you
  3. Send a press release to your key list of media
  4. Upload your event to free gig listing sites
  5. Send a personalised invitation to key media

Come meet me in London!!

If you’re in the London area, come and meet me in June and August! I’m doing two shows in London where you can see me performing live and chat with me after the show about all things London (I NEED to know all the best spots to hang out etc!!!)

Saturday 10 June at Toulouse Lautrec, South London – 9pm. Tickets:

Tuesday 15 August at The Pheasantry, Chelsea – 8:30pm. Tickets:

If you want more information about the shows head here: 

Woooo!!!! So excited and I hope to catch up with you then xoxox[spacer height=”40px”

Did you like my list of how to promote your gig? Let me know in the comments below. 🙂

Nicola xx



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