Fame, fortune and celebrity. Many of us aspire to a life of glitz and glamour in the spotlight but do you have what it takes to REALLY become a famous singer?

Well, in this video I’ll explain how to make it happen in 5 simple steps.

This is a bit of a different format to my regular Singer’s Secret videos so I hope you like it! I had a lot of fun filming this one.

Nicola x

Video Summary


STEP 1: Look the part.

In other words, you’ve got to look like you belong up there on stage.

2. Work on your voice.

If you want to be a famous singer, you HAVE to have a good voice. It always comes back to the music and how good you are.

3. Network.

Its all about who you know. Friends book friends for gigs, DJs spin friends on their show, journalists say nice things about people they like. Go make friends.

4. Play Good Songs!

If you do originals, they have to be GOOD.

5. Want it MORE than everyone else.

Get comfortable being uncomfortable, do what scares you (i.e singing that gig), set goals, go for them and take action!

I hope you enjoyed this video – its a bit different from my regular videos so please let me know in the comments if you liked this format.

Nicola x


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