How To Break Through A Plateau (and get to the next level)

If you feel like you’ve hit a plateau with your singing; whether you feel like you’re not improving with your voice OR if you’re further along in your career and are getting bored of the same old gigs and want to get to the next step but don’t know how, this video is for you!

We all hit plateaus at some stage along our singing journey and it can often lead to asking ‘is that all there is?’ or ‘what’s next, I’m bored’. So if you ever find yourself in this situation, I have three steps for you which will help you to break out of your rut, work out what to do next and smash through that plateau to get to the next level.


Nicola x

How to break through a plateau


1. Work out where you’re going.

You need to know where you want to go in order to get there. So have a think about the kind of singer you want to be and what you’re aspiring to do with your career. Do you want to become a household name and sell out concerts, or sing at jazz clubs around the world performing with insanely talented musicians, or do you want to be the star cabaret singer in a variety show at Fringe Festivals?

What ever your dream is, WRITE IT DOWN… BUT…. also plan out the stepping stones to get there.

This is called your ‘map’. You need a destination AND steps on how to get there to keep yourself on track.


2. Do what scares you

Quite often, the thing standing inbetween you and ‘the next level’ is something scary. Singing in public for the first time for example, or going to mic nights and talking with strangers to see if they could potentially form part of your new band. Moving to a new city to pursue your music.

You usually already KNOW what the next thing you need to do is but because its scary, you go looking for ways around it or waiting for someone to do it for you. Noone will help you if you don’t help yourself and its not necessarily going to be easy, BUT its worth it if you have the courage to pursue your dreams no matter how uncomfortable it makes you feel.


3. Keep track of how far you’ve come

This is soooo important because quite often when your friends have houses and money and are going on holidays but you’ve just spent your last penny getting your latest album recorded, you’re going to need reassurance that you’re on the right track. That’s where having a record of how far you’ve come can help.

It shows you that YES! There’s a reason you’re living a musician’s life and touring in a smelly van with other smelly musicians or staying up late to practice scales AGAIN. It keeps you grounded, keeps you sane and keeps you motivated!

Nicola xx

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