Learning how to breathe for singing isn’t hard when you do your preparation. If you are finding it hard to get your diaphragm working properly for you and are having trouble breathing for singing, then your muscles are probably too tight around your ribcage and sternum.

Keeping the muscles in this area relaxed is key to being able to use your diaphragm effectively. Additionally, you need to get into the habit of relaxing your stomach muscles and your pelvic floor. If you try to take in a breath while you hold your stomach muscles tight, it becomes much harder.

Have a go now and see what I mean.

1. Tighten your stomach muscles and try to take a breath in. Feel how hard it becomes.

2. Now relax your stomach muscles and take a breath in. It should be a lot easier.

Remembering to relax your stomach muscles and pelvic floor with each breath actually takes practice and concentration. You need to try to get into the habit of relaxing each time you take in a breath and then feeling how your stomach muscles contract automatically as you use the air.

To take you through the steps of how you can prepare your body (ie. your instrument) effectively for breathing for singing, I created a video to show you exactly what to do. There is also another nifty little trick you can do that will help with your breathing – its all coming right up!

If you have any question about preparing your body to breathe for singing, please just ask me in the comments below.

Nicola x




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