TV Shows have been build around it, careers have been launched because of it and gazillions of dollars of music sales and T-Shirts with singer’s names splashed across the front have been sold as a result of having it.

And, what is the X-Factor?

Its that intangible energy force that transforms you from an ordinary singer into mega celebrity star status.

So who wants it?

Well, in today’s video I’ll share the ONE thing you can do to get the X-Factor in 2 seconds flat… and its really easy to do.

Get into it!!!

Nicola x


Here’s a challenge for you

Next time you’re at a gig, performing in a concert or even rehearsing in front of the mirror at home, before you start singing flash your biggest mega watt smile and see what happens. I guarantee you’ll like the results.

Let me know how you went in the comments below.

Nicola x


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