How to Improve Your Stage Presence

Simple performance tips to help you look better on stage

Developing your stage presence is something that is rarely taught, which I personally think is crazy because even though you spend years working on your voice and your singing skills, you will also need to know how to perform with them when you hit the stage. 

Many singers are left to ‘wing it’ on stage and end up flapping their arms about, hiding behind the microphone stand and not knowing how to lead the band. 

Stage craft is a whole other set of skills that every singer who wants to perform needs to learn, so today I’m going to kick things off with three simple ways that you can improve your stage presence quickly, and look more confident up there on stage.

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Nicola xx

Video Summary:


Yep – so simple but so effective. Smiling endears you to the audience and makes you appear more likeable, approachable and a smile makes you instantly look more confident.

When it comes to stage presence, first impressions definitely count so make sure you put everything into that first smile.



I’m not just talking about using it as a resting place for your mic – no, its a tool for you to use to while you are up there on stage. There are actually quite a few ways you can use your mic stand on stage but one main way to improve your stage presence is to put the mic stand BEHIND you when you start singing.

Just this one little movement can open you up to the audience. They immediately feel like you are more accessible which increases your stage presence straight away AND secondly you have removed the obstacle from your space and you now have an area where you can move freely.



If you stand like a stiff board you will look weird. No one stands like that. Just make sure your arm gestures go with what you are saying i.e an angry note: clenched fist, a power note, an open palm, being cute, saying something about yourself – a hand on the heart.

And… don’t be afraid to extend your arm out wide.

So have a go with those three simple steps to looking a whole lot better on stage. And if confidence is an issue for you, just pick ONE to try next time you’re on stage.


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