How to Improvise

How to start changing the melody and rhythm as a singer

Improvising doesn’t mean you have to bust out a huge, epic solo and sing a flurry of notes like a horn player. Soloing can also mean changing the melody a bit, or adding a little bit of scat inbetween phrases.

When you’re starting out, its better to change one or two notes and use the melody to anchor your ear, than to try and sing all over the place and risk hitting a bum note and steering yourself so far off course, you lose the melody completely.

So today, I have a super easy improvising technique you can try with me in this fun sing-along singing lesson. Its like a beginner’s 101 to improvising.

Have fun!

Nicola xx

Here are five ways to start improvising as a beginner singer:


1. Learn the melody really well

2. Practice singing just the guide tones (3rd and 7th of each chord)

3. Try altering just one note of the melody at a time

4. Use the melody to anchor your ear

5. Listen to horn solos of the song you’re learning and sing along

Did you like this video?

Please let me know if you enjoyed singing along with me by leaving me a comment below. Did you manage to change a few notes here and there?

Nicola xx

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