I recently stumbled upon to this blog site by Tim Ferriss; author of the Four Hour Work Week among other very cool books. His blog is jam packed with great ideas on ‘how to (add subject here)’and among his how-to universe, is OUTSOURCING.

It is changing my life.

I’m a singer, so I like to spend my time doing vocal practice, playing my flute, playing piano, writing songs and dabbling on the guitar. I also like to listen to other people’s music which then makes me want to play my piano some more – and so goes the cycle. I don’t have time (ok, the desire) to look for gigs (even though I want them) or to send my CDs out to radio stations (even though I want radio play) or look for Festivals that I can apply to perform at. You get the picture.

So… outsource it!

India is the new hub of technology and everyone is onto it. What’s that? Never thought about outsourcing to India before? Well start thinking about it. I’d like to introduce my new personal assistant, Aarav. Aarav is educated, polite, fluent in English, tech savvy AND ready to do whatever tasks I need done but can’t be bothered doing.

So how much is this costing me? To have my very own personal assistant, dedicated to learning my business and helping me out with everything from creating well organized lists of Regional Festivals to sending emails to radio stations, to helping me organise my new crowd funding campaign? $500 a month? Nope. $300 a month? Nuh uh. $200 a month? Noooooo!

$120 a month!

Yep, for a mere $120 (and even I can afford that) I get my very own Aarav. You can too. Aarav is fromGetFriday.com and my monthly fee gets me 10 Aarav-filled working hours per month. It’s more than enough to get all my things done plus its actually helping me make more money through increased gigs, royalties etc…

As my relationship with my new VA deepens I might start assigning personal and much more important tasks like finding me US brands of jeans that do inseam leg lengths of 34″ that ship to Australia. I can never get jeans in Australia that are long enough…

And back to the piano.

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