How do you ‘make it’ as a singer?

Ah this my friends is the million dollar question and one that I get asked frequently by singers from all over the globe. I’m constantly asked things like:

  • I want to be a professional singer, where do I start?
  • What does it take to become a full time singer?
  • How do I make singing into my career?
  • I want to be a famous singer, tell me how to do it!

So how do you go about making a successful career out of being a singer? Well, in this week’s video I will give you some insights into what it means to be a full time working singer and I’ve got four super tips to help you to start thinking about the steps you need to take to reach your goal.

Nicola x

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I’d love to know how you are going on your singing journey and its so important to celebrate the milestones, so leave me a comment below and we can celebrate your milestones together.

Video Summary


If you want to make it as a singer, really make it and go the whole hog the first thing you need to do obviously has to be YOUR VOICE.

Is it performance ready? Are you good enough to get up there and share what you got with other people?

If you’re not, then work on your voice. You’ve got to have something that other people think is remarkable., something that people want to talk about and share. It always comes back down to the music and if you’re a singer, its your voice so its always got to be step one.



How good are you at singing in front of other people?

Have you had any experience performing and can you get a reaction from the audience? Part of being a singer is not only being able to get up and sing in front of other people but to ENGAGE those people and to be able to get the reaction you want and learning how to work the stage in order to do that.

Feeling comfortable just standing behind a mic or behind the security of an instrument on stage is not going to cut it. You want to connect to your audience that’s ultimately what its all about. Getting to this level up there on the stage takes time and practice.



Get to know people in your industry. Its always about people. Connecting with other musicians, fans, getting to know who owns the venues in your area, your local music media editors, local music associations get to know these people. Its so much easier to become friends with people these days because you can just say Hey on Twitter in 140 characters or comment on their FB and say ‘hey, I really dug your gig last night it was awesome’…

Then before you know it you’ll start being opened up to opportunities. Its all about the people.



You want to work on building your fan base. So every time you go and do a show, you have worked out a way to turn people in the audience from passive audience members into fans who will buy your music, come to more shows and talk about you.

Ultimately getting on a show like The Voice or American Idol making the big time overnight is like winning the lottery. But why would you sit around an wait for someone else to pick you and make you into a star when you can pick yourself and decide to become a star and mamke shit happen for yourself?

If you really want it, go out there and GO GET IT!


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