How To Make Money From Singing

(Without Having A Huge Following)


Hi Singing Family!

Today’s vid is all about how to make money from your singing. We’re talking performance based income, not all that extra stuff like ‘producing music’ or ‘work in a music shop’ blah blah that is only related to music but doesn’t actually have anything to do with being on stage.

So I’m going to give you the low down on income streams AND its advice specifically for singers WITHOUT a huge following which means you cans start earning income from your music straight away.

Nicola xx

Video Summary


Income Stream 1: Corporate Gigs

This is where the bulk of your income will come from as an unknown artist. Although I’m an original music artist, I still do corporate gigs with my jazz band because its such a good way of bringing in cash.

Income Stream 2: Original Gigs

Original gigs don’t pay THAT well when you’re unknown. Depending on the deal with the venue and how big your band is affects how much you can earn. If you play and sing solo then original music gigs can earn a lot more for you that if you have to pay 5 other musos to perform with you.

Income Stream 3: Busking

Busking is a great way to practice new tunes, get comfortable performing and to earn cash by SELLING CDs and Merch on the street… you won’t make decent money from people throwing coins at you but if you have a covers CD to sell of the songs you’re performing then you’ll do a lot better financially.

Income Stream 4: House Concerts

House concerts are a fantastic way to build an audience, get feedback on your singing, really rack up live performance dates and you can make a fair bit of cash if you engage your audience and sell merch off the back as well.

Income Stream 5: Selling Merch at gigs

Double your income by selling merch. Its as simple as that.

Income Stream 6: Live Performance Returns

For original music artists only. You submit the number of times you played your songs to your local performing rights association and they will pay you an annual fee for live performances.

Income Stream 7: Crowd Funding

Its real, It works and you can earn a nice wad of $10k if you put in the effort.

Income Stream 8: Grants

I funded my last album and tour with grants. They are a pain in the ass to apply for but hey, that $20k the government gave me to support my music certainly didn’t hurt.


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