Trying to decide whether to take that job and get the bills paid or follow your heart and pursue music?

On one hand, if you do take the job you will have the funds to invest in your music career, but on the other hand it means losing valuable time that you could be spending doing what you love.

So what should you do?

In today’s video we’ll have a look at how you can in fact have both.




– Obtaining a part time job will mean you can pay your bills and have the time you need to devote to your music.

– Find a job that is below your skill set and easy to do so that you will:

A. Be able to spend the time at your job mulling over what you are going to do with your music instead of using your brain power for someone else.

B. Be able to easily ditch the job if you need to and find another one.

– Don’t fall into the trap of getting attached to your new job and the lifestyle it provides. If you’re serious about achieving success with your music it must be priority number #1.


Have you found this video useful? If so, please leave me a comment below or if you have found a way to get the bills paid and pursue music at the same time please share it with the rest of the community here at Singer’s Secret.

Love and success,

Nicola xx


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