Many singers find that a chest voice is easy to get, but when it comes to singing in their head voice, the sound comes out weak and airy or they can’t reach those high head voice notes at all.

If this happens to you then this video is for you. I’ll show you how to find your head voice using a completely natural method and without straining your throat or hurting your voice to get there.

Nicola xx

Video Summary

You may have heard people say that you have a head voice and a chest voice. This essentially refers to where you are resonating your sound and you’re starting to learn how to sing generally a head voice will sound more airy, it may be a little bit weak and can sound pretty whereas your chest voice will sound harder, stronger and more like your speaking voice.

A lot of singers can naturally use their chest voice but not their head voice, sometimes vice versa but in this video I’m going to show you how to achieve notes in your head voice.

When we speak in a little baby voice like we do when we talk to babies, this naturally places the sound in our head voice. Feel where the sound is vibrating and see if you can feel the resonance shift from your mouth up to your head.

Now when you do this remember to take in a nice deep breath and have enough air flow coming out of your mouth as you sing to support your notes.

It will take concentration to keep the placement right. If youre getting restricted in your throat, go back to your baby voice again.

Once you feel like you have it down you can remove the baby voice and sing – using your head voice. Just keep the placement the same.


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