How To Sing My Future by Billie Eilish

Hey Singing Fam! So I’m loving the latest Billie Eilish song ‘My Future’! So, who wants to learn how to sing it?? It’s got a real jazzy/ soulful flavour to it and a slightly more complex chord progression than her other songs, so in today’s video I’m going to break down the melody for you and show you some of the chords and scales Billie uses in this epic little number.

To the piano! 

Nicola xx


Master the 10 most commonly used scales and arpeggios in music with this fun and easy sing-along series.

These special audio tracks come with a downloadable PDF to give you extra pointers to get the most out of your exercises and to show you the theory behind each of the scales and arpeggios.

Each track has an example then a piano plays the scale/ arpeggio with you to help you pitch each note correctly.

Learn to sing these scales:

1 Major Scale
2 Major Arpeggio
3 Minor Scale
4 Minor Arpeggio
5 Dominant Scale
6 Dominant Arpeggio
7 Blues Scale
8 Major Pentatonic Scale
9 Minor Pentatonic Scale
10 Dorian Scale

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Nicola xx

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