How To Stand Out As A Singer

How do you differentiate yourself from ALL the other singer’s out there that perform the same genre as you?

There are a hundred and one jazz-standard-performing jazz singers so what are you going to do to make yourself different? Why should someone hire you, if there is another jazz singer they’ve been using for a few years who does the exact same thing you do? 

Today I have three tips which will help you carve out your own little niche and separate yourself from the noise.

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Here Are Three Ways To Stand Out As A Singer


1. Be Selective With Your Repertoire

Instead of just singing the same songs that everyone else sings from the ‘Great American Song Book’ why not consider specialising in a really niche area of jazz like only singing authentic 1920’s songs, or just doing nu-jazz x trip hop. 

This turns you from being ‘just another jazz singer’ into someone people will call on if they are doing a 1920’s party specifically because you dominate that niche.


2. Throw In Original Music or Unknown Covers

Building from point #1 is adding some original or less-well known covers from non-household name artists into your repertoire.  

One amazing example of this is Post Modern Jukebox – they turn pop songs into jazz songs and it works brilliantly for them. Here are some more tips for making a cover song your own.

I’ve carved out my own little spotlight by becoming known as one of the only original jazz artists in my community. People come expecting to hear my originals first and are surprised if I throw in a well known cover occassionally. Far less people write music, and even fewer write GOOD music so it’s an easy way to differentiate yourself.


3. Mix Up Your Look

Probably one of the easiest ways to stand out is to mix up your look. When you say ‘jazz’ people automatically expect a lady in a gown singing in a dimly lit jazz club. Why does this have to be how it is? 

Here’s your chance to come your community’s first cyber-punk folk-jazz singer (for example!) If you love vampires, then sing songs like ‘I Put A Spell On You’ and get known for your massive annual Halloween concert. The idea is to get creative, go BIG and remember, the sky is the limit.

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