How To Strengthen Low Notes

Try this fun sing-along low note strengthening and tone improving exercise. Perfect for for alto and bass vocal ranges.

Whether you’ve been singing for a long time or not, every singer finds that their voice sounds best at certain pitches. Some notes just feel stronger and more resonant than others while others can catch in your throat, or feel like they need a lot more effort on your part to produce.

We talk a lot about how to sing high notes, but what about those lovely low notes? Your lower range can sound AMAZING and although the human voice has a natural range of about three and a half octaves (yep, not just limited to Ella Fitzgerald and Mariah Carey!) some singers still find their lower notes are an issue.

But don’t worry. I’ve got your back my friend. Today’s exercise is designed to show you how to strengthen your low notes and improve your overall vocal tone. This exercise sits right in the vocal range for altos and basses but if you’re a soprano or tenor, you can just start singing along with me then switch octaves when we get too low or use this exercise instead.

I found that my voice really took a hit when I had Covid and had to stop singing for 3.5 weeks and so I created this video just as much for me to do some work and strengthen my low note singing as it is for you!

PS: I’ll do a video soon for Tenors and Soprano vocal ranges 🙂

Nicola xx

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