ere will be times when you only have a few minutes to warm your voice up before you have to sing. Whether you are running late to your singing lesson or if you have to be on stage and belt out a whole set, this one singing secret will help you warm up your singing voice, FAST.


It is called (drum roll…) the Lip Bubble!

The lip bubble is a funny little exercise that is very similar to how a baby blows a raspberry. You push your cheeks in just below your lower lip (this helps with stability) and then blow air through your lips as you keep them closed, but relaxed.

It can be a little difficult to get the hang of and your nose might tickle a bit, but the lip bubble is a fantastic way to warm up really quickly.

Once you can get the mechanics of the lip bubble going and can let out a whole breath of air without breaking, then you can add a tone to it. You don’t need to do a heap of vocal exercises, you just need to vocalize.

To vocalize means you are singing gently. It doesn’t matter whether you are singing scales, arpeggios, elevator slides or just lip bubbling on one note. As long as you are gently making a bit of noise, it will work for you.

One word of advice; try to find a private room or somewhere out of the way to do this warm up basically because it looks silly and non singers will probably just make you laugh and ruin your warm up!



I hope you enjoyed this post on How to warm up your singing voice, fast. Get more vocal warm ups HERE.

Nicola x

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