If you would like to write a song of your own but you are not sure where to start, or if you’ve had a go but find songwriting to be quite difficult, then this video is for you.

I’ll explain how you can map out your song to make the writing process so much easier and faster.

Whats more, using the technique I am going to show you can help you create better sounding  songs.

This is video #1 in a series I am going to be doing about songwriting.


Nicola xx


Video Summary

If you are interested in writing your own songs but you are not sure where to start, this video is for you.

When you want to write a song but you don’t have any solid ideas of where you want to go, then the best place to start is with a map. Just a like a road map. You wouldn’t get into a car and just start driving, you’d have a look the best route to go.

You can do the same thing with songs and working out this map in songwriting speak is called ‘FORM’ and it refers to the structure of the song.

So in terms of a pop song you’re talking about verses and choruses. The chorus is the super catchy bit of the song that is the most memorable. This is the bit that you sing along to if you dont know the song properly.

Now verses are the story telling parts of your song they set the scene and lead up to the chorus.

So when you are writing a song, to create your map, you want to place your verses and choruses in the right way.

Now when you think of verses and choruses as building blocks, there are a lot of different ways you can place them. You can put erses first followed by a chorus, or vice versa, or do two verses and one chorus…

But to keep things simple, we are going to start mapping our song like this:

Verse, verse, chorus, verse, chorus.

Now one cool thing about doing this, is that to get this much song, you only need to come up with two different melodies. One is your super catch chorus, and the other is your story telling verse.

You can have a go at doing this too – come up with two bits of melody that go together and you’re almost finished.

Then we wanna add a little bit of something new to our song because too much of the same thing gets boring. So this where we add the last building block to create our map. Its called our BRIDGE. now the bridge is a seperate bit of melody that sounds a bit different. Now you can have fun with the bridge. It doesn’t have to be singing, it can be instrumental. It can be rap, add some electronic FXs anything you want but dont go too far our cause it has to go with the rest of the song.

So now we have this:

Verse, verse, chorus, verse, chorus, BRIDGE

Any to finish off the song, we just add in two more choruses to end and we’re done!

Obviously there is much more you can learn about songwriting but creating your map is a good place to start.

What’s more, your songs will sound better if you have an organised structure.



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