In Songwriting Tutorial #1 I showed you how to create a map for your song which helps you to work out how much music you actually need to write to complete your song. This technique also helps to keep your song flowing in a pleasing way from start to finish.

Now in this second Songwriting  Tutorial, I’m going to help you to fill up your song with material – so we’re going to look at how to find inspiration even if you have no ideas.

Nicola xx

Video Summary

People write songs in a whole variety of ways – some people start with a drum beat, others with a bass line, I often start my songs with lyrics, other people hear the whole song in the head all at once…

What you need to do is to try a few different methods but one thing that is common among all of the different ways you can write is song is that songwriters listen to a lot of music.

So this is how we are going to get our inspiration. I want you to think about the style and feel of the song you want to write first. You probably already have a collection of favourite songs or artists that you would like to emulate.

So, I want you to go and listen to your favourite three songs, try to pick songs that are all in the same style for this exercise and see if you can pick ONE thing from that song that you can use as inspiration.

Listen to the drums – do you like the rhythm? If so, use it. start with that rhythm for your song – its not copying, because by the time you’ve finished writing your song it will sound totally different, but taking ideas from other songs will give you somewhere to start.

Maybe its the piano you like the sound of, or maybe you like the structure of that song that you want to use instead of the structure I gave you in the first video.

So just go and really listen to your favourite music. Listen behind the vocals.Try to ignore the singer and listen to the rest of the song and see if you can pick out something to start with.

Have fun with it – then in the next video, I’m going to show you how to come up with some chords to use in your song.




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