Intonation and Range Expanding Exercise

Hitting The Right Notes

I know you love a good sing-along video so today we are going to work on your intonation. In case you didn’t already know, intonation refers to how accurately you move between notes and its one of those techniques that makes your singing seem more polished if you don’t have to slur up and down to pitches.

So, I’ll take you through the exercise and you can sing along with me and I’ll give you some tips along the way to get the most out of today’s (and your future) practice session.

By the way… I was thinking of tagging a proper warm up to the start of each of my videos. Let me know if you’re keen for this to happen in the comments, or if you prefer the ‘under-5-minute’ singing lesson like this video please let me know!

Happy singing!


Nicola x

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