My Four Most Commonly Asked Questions

You’ve been asking me to answer more questions recently (well, for a while actually) and so today I decided to answer four of the most commonly asked questions that I receive about singing. These are (drum roll….)

  1. How long should I warm up for?
  2. How long should I practice for?
  3. How do I know if I can sing well?
  4. What do I do about (lack of) confidence?

I’ll break these down in the video below and, if you have any further questions about these topics that I haven’t answered in the video, hit me up in the comments below.

Nicola x

Video Summary


How long should I warm up for?

  • Depends on your voice, how you are feeling health wise and how long its been since you sang last.
  • 10 mins is enough if Im singing daily. OTherwise I need 30 mins. Sometimes 60 mins to really feel loose.

How long should I practice for?

  • Daily 15 mins is BEST = regular. Otherwise at least 1 hr x 3 wk.
  • I perform best when singing 3 hours 5 -7 times a wk.

How do I know if I can sing well?

  • People will tell you.
  • You’ll get a decent clap at karaoke
  • Put it out there on YT and ask for feedback
  • Everyone has different tastes so you wont please everyone BUT look for constructive feedback ie: yeah, I like your overall tone but I think you could work on x x x.

What do I do about confidence?

  • Practice makes perfect
  • Everyone has issues at some point in their journey
  • Depends on who you’re jamming with. The better the people, the more you’re bound to get nervous but the trick is to treat it as FUN. If its not FUN, there’s no point
  • Do push yourself out of your boundaries but choose stepping stones ie: start busking first, then open mic nights, then a solo paid gig, before you work your way up to whole shows at jazz clubs or applying for festivals.

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