‘I’m not quite ready yet’.

Have you ever said this to someone if they ask if you’re out performing yet?

I hear it from my students all the time but the truth is, its usually a combo of nerves, confidence and fear of the unknown that’s holding you back.

So today I’ve got a Pre-gig Checklist for you where I’ll take you through all the things you need to have ready in order to start gigging and performing, so that you’ll know when you’re ready to make the leap.

Nicola x



  • You will get through 10 songs per 45 minute set (generally)
  • Print your charts (or lyrics with chords across the top) and put them in a clear plastic folder


You will need:

  • A microphone – the industry standard is the Shure 58
  • A small PA unit – I highly recommend the Yamaha Stagepas
  • A decent instrument if you intend to sing and play


  • Set up your equipment and do a run through session at home.
  • It feels different singing into a microphone while you are playing so take the time to practice singing this way before you hit the stage.


  • Think about your name
  • Print off a little sign with your name on it
  • Get some little flyers that people can take away with them (have your name, social media links, email and website on it)

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