Resource Guide for Singers

Your ultimate guide to all the gear I use for performing, songwriting and singing. I’ve tried and tested everything I recommend on this guide.



This is the home recording condenser mic I use myself. Its sound quality is superb. Its fantastic for its price as far as condenser studio mics go and its got a ‘surround sound’ recording feature so you can stick the mic in the middle of the room and have the band play around it and it picks everything up. Great for acoustic band YT videos on the quick and easy.

Shure Beta 87A Microphone (EXCELLENT STAGE MIC)

This is a stage condenser mic so you can technically use it to record vocals for YouTube videos as well and still get a great result. You may need phantom power to operate this mic and its more sensitive than the other two listed BUT for jazz voices with no edge, this picks up your mid-tones like a dream. Its literally PERFECT for my voice.


The new ‘standard’ dynamic mic. A better version of the Shure 57. Sound is clearer, crisper and its just as sturdy as the original.


The original Shure microphone. Was the go-to industry mic for the last 20+ years. I still have one and its sturdy and reliable BUT the Beta 87A is sooooo much better.

Home Recording Tools


I’ve tried a few DAWS (‘digital audio workstation’) and my fave is Ableton because… you can use it LIVE (hence the name).

If you’re thinking of gigging and want some electronics in your sound, use Ableton. It will make translating the electronic sound you want to the stage so much easier that hiring a synth genius. This intro verison gives you pretty much the whole platform for basic music making. You will grow out of it though if you want to get into production but its a great starting point.

Ableton LIVE (Full Version) (THIS IS WHAT I USE TO RECORD)

This is Ableton’s latest verison with all the coolness. I use this myself and its awesome. Takes a bit to learn it but look in my ‘Skill Building’ section for a cool and cheap course on how to get started with Ableton.


A soundcard you’ll need for home recording. You plug your mics into this and then plug this into your computer. I’ve had my Presonus Audiobox for 15 years now and its still awesome.

Music Notation Software

Sibelius First (Intro version of notation software)

If you’re sick of writing charts out by hand, then do yourself a favour and get a music notation program like Sibelius. This is the entry-level version. If you like it you can spring for the full version which costs a lot more but for basic stuf, the ‘lite’ version should be fine.

Ear Training

Relative Pitch Ear Training Supercourse

The David Lucas Burge ‘Relative Pitch Ear Training Supercourse’ works. If you’re struggling with developing your musical hearing then this course breaks down how to do it, step-by-step. It IS a committment, because the course is long but if you stick with it you’ll have super ears.

Perfect Pitch Ear Training Supercourse

Can you train yourself to have Perfect Pitch? David Lucas Burge believes so. If you want to gain the elusive and coveted skill, then his Perfect Pitch ear training course is the way to go.

Ear Trainer Lite (Free App!)

I like this free Ear Trainer app from the Apple App store. Lots of fun scales, chords and arpeggios to practice with.

How I Created My Website

Site Ground (web hosting)

This is the site I use to host my website and get domains. Its user friendly, works really well with the Theme I use and has decent customer service.

Elegant Themes (my website Theme)

I use the Divi Theme on my website and for someone who has built multiple websites, Divi is by far the most flexible theme available. You can do nearly anything with it; no coding required.

ActiveCampaign (for sending emails)

I’ve tried other tools like MailChimp and ConstantContact, and I think ActiveCampaign is by far the best. To be honest, all email providers become expensive when you reach a certain number of subscribers, but ActiveCampaign is less expensive than the others and has WAY more flexibility and features. (Like way more).

LeadPages (for one page sign up forms)

If you only need a simple website with a sign up form, LeadPages is a great option. You can upload lots of giveaways in return for an email address and it has an easy click and drag page builder.

Of course, there are heaps of easy ‘all-done-for-you’ options for music websites  these days if you just want to grab one of those. Can I recommend one? Not at the moment because I’ve not needed to try any.

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