See Inside My Singing Practice Routine

Want to streamline your singing practice so you start seeing results fast?

Then you’ll love today’s video where I walk you through my own practice routine so you can see exactly what I work on and how I structure things to get the maximum benefit from each session.

Practice is where you will spend 90% of your time as a singer. Just think about how many hours you spend rehearsing and practicing compared to actually performing, so it makes sense to ensure your practice is as effective as possible.

Feel free to copy my structure for yourself or just use whichever parts of my practice routine you think will work best for you.

Nicola xx

Video Summary:

Resources mentioned in the video:

The Copy-Cat Method (for singing like your fav artist)

Steps I follow in my practice:

Step 1 – deep breathing and drink water

Step 2 – Warm up (head to singer’s secret for free warm up exercise downloads)

Step 3 – Technique! (or if you’re like me, jump straight into repertoire and learning new songs ­čÖé

Step 4 – Apply technique to your songs

Step 5 – Finding other versions of the song to sing along to.

Step 6 – Improvisation (scatting)

Step 7 – Create a chart of the song.


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