Lyrics or music. Which is better to start writing first?

Some people may say ‘definitely lyrics’ but its really not as simple as that because every songwriter is different.

So in today’s vid, I’ll show you how to decide whether to start writing your words first or whether you should dive straight into the music.

Nicola x


Video Summary


It really makes no difference whether you start with lyrics or music. It just depends on what area is inspiring you at the time.

If you’re coming up with lots of melodies and have no problem in that area then practice writing with lyrics first.

Here’s how to fix a lack of lyrics:

1. Check out poems on the internet and also songs but listen specifically to the words. Look for angles in relationships you could talk about or jot down any words that stick out to you.

2. Practice just writing four bars of melody and add some lyrics over the top. It doesn’t have to be brilliant, it just needs to get your creative brain working.

Then try it the other way around. Try writing a few sentences of lyric and dump some melody over the top.

See what happens and have fun with it!

Its all fertilizer for future awesome songs 🙂

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