Dangerous Woman by Ariana Grande has been stuck in my head for ages! Its super catchy and Ariana sings it so well. She truly has an amazing voice (I’m a fan) and she uses some really cool singing technique in this song that everyone can benefit from learning – even if you’re not into pop.

Check it out.

Video Summary

Techniques used in this song include:

  • Glottal stops throughout the whole song
  • Croaks to the start of notes
  • Interval jumps
  • Belting
  • Head voice

Glottal stops: Are the closing off the back of your throat and forcing air through. Ariana uses these A LOT in this song to create that pop sound she’s so famous for. It also creates a staggered feel to the verses.

Croaks: Ariana adds a slight croak to the start of some notes. It gives it that ‘bedroom’ sound!

Interval jumps: This song includes a lot of Major Sixth interval jumps throughout the verses. Practice nailing the jumps first then add them to your song once you have them down pat. Don’t slide up or sing flat!

Belting: Ariana belts through her prechorus and maintains a belt into the chorus but with less power. The most power is used during the prechorus and of course towards the end of the song.

Head Voice: When you are doing the interval jumps, use your head voice for the high notes rather than straining up in belt voice.

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Nicola x


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