A Jazz Standard A Day Keeps the Jamming At Bay…



Learning to sing a whole heap of jazz standards means you’ll never be short of songs you can perform on those frequent occasions when the players ask which songs you know and which key you sing them in.

Its call jamming and it happens frequently in the jazz and blues world.

Jazz standards are a fab way of cutting your teeth on songs EVERYONE already knows and its the quickest way to build up a repertoire you can get out there and start gigging with.

They’re also great because they’ve been recorded by other singers a hundred million times which means you’ve got a hundred million versions to get improv inspo from. 

So, to get you started today we’re going to look at how to sing Honeysuckle Rose. Its an upbeat song with filthy lyrics (which is why I love it) and its really easy to improvise over. 

I’ll show you how to mix the sections up and give you some ideas on how to change the melody and rhythm.

Nicola xx



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