Build a sexy, sultry, soulful voice.

An intensive 6 week online singing course for beginner jazz and blues singers.


  • Understand how your voice works, and how to get it to do what you want
  • Remove tension so you can sing freely through your registers
  • Develop vocal strength and flexibility to deliver songs with emotion
Singing Academy - Nicola Milan
Why Your Singing Isn’t Improving

Why Your Singing Isn’t Improving

If you’ve been singing for a while but are plateauing or not seeing the improvement you want, then today’s video is for you. I’ll explain the why your singing isn’t improving and how to fix it.

My Four Most Commonly Asked Questions

My Four Most Commonly Asked Questions

Today I’ll answer the four most commonly asked questions I receive about singing. These include, how long your warm up should be, how long to practice for, how to tell if you can really sing, and what to do about a lack of confidence. Enjoy!

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