How To Tell If Your Diaphragm Is Working Properly For Singing

‘How do I know if I’m breathing properly for singing?’

‘How do I know if my diaphragm is even working?’

I get these two questions all the time, and they’re jolly good questions too!

Breathing properly for singing is CRUCIAL to achieving a good tone. It really is the foundation of all singing.

So, in today’s video I’ll explain 4 indicators that tell you if your diaphragm is working properly so you can get your breathing for singing on track.

Nicola x

Video Summary

There are four indicators that your diaphragm is working and you’re breathing correctly for singing. They are:

1. You will feel breathless when you first start trying to breathe for singing.

This is a reaction to using your breathing muscle for the first time (your diaphragm). Give it time to strengthen! Still not sure? Here’s another video on breathing for singing.

2. Your lower ribcage will expand.

When you shallow breathe, your shoulders and chest tend to rise, but when you use your diaphragm your lower ribcage will expand instead.

3. You may start to yawn.

This is the body’s natural reaction to controlled breathing. You’re not tired, its normal! 🙂

4. You will be able to hold your notes for longer.

The main benefit of having a strong diaphragm is that you’ll be able to draw in more air and sing longer passages of music. You’ll also reap other benefits like better pitch, vibrato control etc….

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