3 Common Practice Pitfalls

Are You Falling Into These Practice Traps?

Practice is where you will spend at least 90% of your time as a singer. More, when you’re just starting out. So if you want to improve FAST, the best way is my optimizing your practice time.

The problem is, that many new singers never get taught how to practice properly. (If you want a full practice routine watch this vid next). So today I will take you through three common practice pitfalls that many new singers fall into. I’ll explain what they are and how you can work around them to ensure you make the most of your practice sessions and improve quickly. 

Nicola xx

Here are the 3 practice pitfalls to avoid:


1. Singing along with the artist without using a backing track to hear how you really sound.

2. Not working on things you’re not good at.

3. Starting from the beginning of the song again every time you make a mistake.

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