Don’t have time to practice but still want to improve your singing?

Does your voice gets tired, cracks or loses range if you don’t practice regularly?

Sometimes we simply can’t fit a full practice session into your day, but how do you work on your voice if you’ve only got 10 minutes?

In Vocal Warm Up Secrets, I’ll take you through 5 different length warm ups so you’ll know exactly how to spend your time and get the MAXIMUM benefit from your practice, even if its for just a few minutes.


Vocal Warm Up Secrets is for:

Maintaining your voice and keeping your vocal muscles 'fit'

Developing consistent practice habits

Getting the most out of a short practice session

Learning how to warm up safely, effectively & reducing vocal tension

“Since using Nicola’s Vocal Warm Ups I have noticed that my voice is smoother and I’m able to achieve a rounder and more resonant tone during my practice after using the exercises before I sing.

I have found the exercises to be very helpful and would highly recommend them.”

Steve Wholer


Get 5 Different Length Warm Ups

Only have 5 minutes to warm up? Use this super quicky warm up to get ready faster!
10 minutes is all you need to keep your voice in shape! Get in a workout with this vocal warmup.up to get ready faster!
Have a bit longer to spend on your practice? You’ll love this 20 minute warm up. Not too short, not too long but just right.

Go the full enchilada with my 30 minute vocal warmup. I regularly do a good 30 minutes warm up before gigs, so why not sing along with me!

Who said you couldn’t drive and sing? We all do it! So I created this very special driving warm up for when you’re cruising around town. Every little bit helps!!!

The Course Comes with 10 Downloadable Sing-Along Tracks

10 professional vocal warm up exercise tracks to download. Use them in your car, on your iPhone or wherever you need to warm up before singing.

Come in both male and female vocal ranges with vocal example at the start of each track.

Plus get this free bonus!

Natural Remedies For Singers  – $47 bonus. Yours FREE!

Easy and effective natural remedies to keep your voice in top condition.


  • Get rid of sore throats
  • Reduce phlegm and mucus
  • Sing even when you have a cold
  • and much more!

What Other Students Are Saying

“I’d had about 3 or 4 voice coaches since I started singing 4 years ago and your exercises have been supreme!! I’ll always remember doing them for the first time before my band’s gig in Shoreditch. A big event at Beach Blanket Babylong. we did a 2 1/2 hour set without a break and I could have gone on for another 2 1/2 thanks to these warm ups!”
John Read

Lead Singer

“Loved these warmups. I used them during my performances at the Parkes Elvis Festival before and during breaks and my voice actually got stronger. Thanks again.”
Ray Beacroft

Lead Singer

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Meet Your Vocal Coach

Nicola Milan is a professional singer/ songwriter & vocal coach with over 30,000 students online. Nicola has toured internationally, had three studio releases, had her songs played on the radio around the world and is signed to one of Australia’s biggest music publishers.

Since 2008 Nicola has been helping singers to build amazing voices, improve their songwriting skills, start performing themselves and she prides on helping her students to not only achieve voices that people will pay to listen to but she arms her students with the confidence, knowledge and tools they need to succeed in the music industry.

REFUND POLICY – All sales are final. Please make sure Vocal Warm Up Secrets is right for you before making your purchase.

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