What Should You Do When People Won’t Support Your Dream to Sing?

If you dream of becoming a singer but are not getting the support from your parents/ boyfriend/ friends then this episode is for you.

Things you may hear from people around you include:

– “Singing is not a sensible career choice”
– “You should study something else… just in case”
– “You have to be reeeeeeally good to make it as a singer”

… and my personal favourite:

– “You’ve been at this a while now and you’re still not huge. Don’t you think its time to try something else?” – I heard this one A LOT during my own musical journey.

Even now, when I tell people I’m a singer I nearly always get in response, “Oh cool. Do you do that full time?”

You would never ask someone who runs their own small business or a sports coach or a doctor if they do their job full time, so why is there such a negative perception surrounding singing as a career choice?

Watch the video and find out how you can deal with this negativity and follow your dreams, even when others don’t dare to follow theirs.

Nicola xx


TIP ONE: Singing Is A Sensible Career Choice.

Pursuing singing is not easy but YES! It is a viable and sustainable career (I should know) and you can make a decent living from doing what you love.

I know many, many musicians who are relatively unknown but who make a decent middle income from doing what they love.

You can supplement your income with teaching  when you are just starting out and once you have built up your networks and know quite a few other musos in your local area, you can easily survive on gigs and selling merchandise.

TIP TWO: It is your life and you need to lead it the way YOU want.

Not your parents/ boyfriend/ friends. Tell THEM to go and study law/ business/ accounting (yawn!) or get a ‘sensible’ job doing something they hate.

Why would you spend three or four years of your life studying to do something you don’t really want to do when you can apply that time to your music career and learn what you need to know to get ahead?

TIP THREE: That deep yearning inside you to be a singer will never go away.

Yes you can try to bury it and go and take the easy or ‘normal’ path for a while but trust me when I say, the desire to sing will never leave you so you might as well just go for it!

If you quit, I guarantee you will look back one day and wonder ‘what if’. So don’t quit!


Now I’d love to hear from you:

Have you ever come up against negativity in your dream to become a singer? If you have, how did it make you feel and how did you react?

Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

Nicola x


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