If you cringe at the sound of your voice when you record yourself on your iPhone, I’ll explain why this happens what you can do to sound good every time.

Nicola xx



Video Summary

“Everyone sounds bad on iPhone recordings. Its because the microphones are not made specifically for vocal recordings.

Whats more, recording vocals leaves very little room for error. They pick up every little sound and Its not until you go into a studio where they have special effects, reverb, filters and autotune that you will start to sound good. iPhones are especially bad for recording your voice on and are definitely not a true reflection of how you sound.

Definitely use your phone and other cheap recording methods for practice – I highly recommend you record yourself regularly and listen back to hear if you’ve developed any unexpected vocal habits but when it comes to recording for YouTube, demos and other non commercial projects get yourself some decent equipment first.

You can pick up recording software and condenser microphones at quite a reasonable price these days to create your own mini home studio if you want to capture your songs at a better quality level.


Apogee MiC: http://amzn.to/1x38Oqb

If you’re on a budget you can always grab a USB mic like the Apogee MiC: decent quality iPhone mic that plugs straight into your iPhone and you can use it with garage band – which means you can add reverb etc on your vocals before you post anything up on YouTube. Plus its super portable which is great for singers on the go.

So next time you record yourself on your iPhone, listen back and think you sound bad – just remember its probably not you, its the mic!”


I hope you enjoyed this video! Please let me know if it helped you out or if you have found any equipment you can recommend for recording vocals.

Nicola x


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