If you have wondered why your voice sounds brilliant one day but bad the next then this week’s video is for you.

I’ll explain exactly why this happens and I’ve got three nifty little tips designed to help give your voice that extra pep-me-up just when you need it.

Nicola xx

Video Summary

Have you noticed that some days your voice sounds brilliant and does exactly what you want it to but other days it sounds not so good and it cracks or doesn’t reach your high notes quite as well or maybe just doesn’t sound quite as good?[spacer height=”20px”]
This happens to every single singer so you are definitely not alone. As singer’s our whole body is our instrument and therefore your voice will suffer if you are not feeling well, if you have a crappy diet, if you didnt get enough sleep. Even your general mood will effect your singing.[spacer height=”20px”]
As you improve however, the distance between how you sound on a good day and how you sound on a bad day will decrease and that’s the good news. For example, when I feel like I have sung badly the audience can’t tell because my overall performance level never drops below a certain standard… even on a bad day. Just keep going with your practice and you’ll get there too.[spacer height=”20px”]
But for now, if you cant wait for that gap between your good days and bad days to decrease, here are three tips to help give your voice a little pep me up just when it needs it:[spacer height=”20px”]
  1. Warm up properly – take a bit longer with this if you’re having an off day. Sometimes it takes me a good 20-30 mins of warm up exercises to start feeling good as opposed to my usual 5-10 mins on a good day.[spacer height=”20px”]
  2. Drink peppermint tea during your practice/ performance. It helps reduce phlegm, the warmth is all kinds of good for your throat and drinking more liquid is always a good idea to keep your vocals lubricated and your body hydrated.[spacer height=”20px”]
  3. Take the time to do some breathing and diaphragm muscle relaxing before you sing. I have my very own ‘Relaxation Ritual’ that I do every time before I sing to prepare my body and my mind for singing. It can be anything as simple as rolling your shoulders back, giving your neck a little stretch and doing a few deep breaths.
Remember relaxation is every singer’s best friend so if you are having an off day, don’t try to force things because you’ll only sound worse and potentially do yourself damage. Go and have a warm cup of tea, do a few relaxation exercises and then when your mind is clear, have another go.[spacer height=”20px”]
Now I’d love to hear from you: do you have a trick that you use to improve your voice when you’re having an off day?[spacer height=”20px”]
Please share your thoughts in the comments below.[spacer height=”20px”]
Nicola xx

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